“My Best EVer dog portrait!”

The Essential Guide To Making Your Best-Ever Needle Felt Dog Portraits


Right from the excited get go I’ll hold your hand through every squishy nose, sparkly eye and tufty ear -

- so that by the end you’ve made a portrait so good - no one will believe you’re just starting out.

The only downside to taking this course is that you’ll get so good every friend will want you to make their dog too!


Look. No. Further.

This is your go-to, ultimate resource for all your dog portrait know-how (no more hours spent trawling YouTube!)


Get Ready. we’re counting down

Launching 21st January 2020

A deep dive into every detail of making incredible needle felt dog portraits.

The online video tutorials are easy to follow and designed to cover all the different fur types so you can rest assured you’ll be using the right technique to capture your dog perfectly.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own dog, there’ll be several different portraits for you to choose from and follow.


You’ll get extra tuition and masterclasses to help with notoriously tricky bits. And if you need help, I’ll be running monthly live workshops in our Facebook group where you can ask me to demonstrate something that you’re stuck on.

This really is much more than just a course - it’s a supported learning experience. And with my continued help you’ll grow and transform your needle felting beyond belief.

I’ll eat my felt beret* if by the end of your first portrait you don’t exclaim “That’s My Best EVER Dog Portrait”

(*not a legally binding statment)


You only have to pay once to be included in future live classes and benefit from new content that’s added


What’s in the COURSE?

  • You’ll make a step by step portrait following a photo - or you can simply follow the portraits of the dogs I demonstrate online

  • You get all the techniques specific to your dogs fur type and EVERY fur type - showing you how to get professional looking results you’d be willing to pay for

  • Extra master classes for special details and tricky bits

  • Monthly live support workshops to keep you on track, demonstrate techniques and ask questions when you need it most [whatever stage you’re at]

  • Group support to share your progress and get help and support from other students



Become A Founding Member with VIP privileges

You’ll get…

  • Exclusive direct access to me and my help when you most need it for a month after the course has launched. This won’t be available in the wider general launch in January.

  • The opportunity to buy at the lowest ever price now of 97 USD ( 75 GBP)

    - the price goes up to $147 in January (115 GBP)

  • When you pre-order you’ll become a founding member with VIP sneak preview access to the course and support group before launch to the general public plus any additional bonus launch material.

  • This offer is only open until the end of November when I close the doors and prepare to launch! Don’t miss out on this lowest ever price.


Available until the end of November or until VIP spaces are filled

Pay 97 USD now

Rather pay in UK sterling?

Pay 75 GBP now

This course will launch on 21st January 2020.
Please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions that apply before you purchase.
See link at the bottom of the page.

Scroll Down to Read my FAQ’s - that might help you decide if the course is a good fit for you


Nice things people say

“Sophie's videos are extremely helpful she's a natural teacher.” Ruth, UK

“Beautiful details, sensible advice very generous and kind comments.” Ellen, UK

“Very well taught. It really is wonderful. And Sophie is an awesome instructor.” Helen, Ontario

“Just finished Sophie’s amazing tutorials loved them and learnt so much”. Janet UK


Frequently asked questions

Is the course for beginners?

Yes. I’ll teach you as if this is your first portrait ever. Perhaps you’ve already needle felted before, but this is probably the first dog portrait you might have tried.

What if I can’t draw?

I’ve got you covered. You don’t need to be able to draw freehand. I’ll show you lots of different ways to transfer your image to felt by tracing. It’s makes the hard bit actually really simple.

Don’t forget I’m here to show you how to needle felt - not to teach you how to draw freehand.

I don’t have a dog - is it still for me?

The course is designed with all the instruction so you can make a portrait of your own dog. Or you can follow me and make the portraits that I make. There will be three adorable portraits to choose from with detailed demonstrations that are simple to follow

Where can I watch it?

You’ll get a member password to log in and access the course on a dedicated website. There will also be a Facebook group that you can join where you’ll have access to monthly live workshops and help from me.

Will this price be available in January?

No. The course won’t be priced at this price again.

Can I download the lessons?

No. The files are massive and it’s much easier for you to watch them online (this might change).

Will I have access to the whole course straight away?

Yes when the course launches in January 2020. The course is split into lessons which you can complete in your own time. There will be a support group and monthly live support classes to get advice from me as you go no matter where you are in the course.

What if I change my mind after I’ve pre-ordered?

You have a 14 day money back guarantee from the day you purchase to change your mind and have a full refund. After this time and if the course has started the rules change slightly. Have a read of the terms & conditions at the bottom of the page before you buy.

If you’re on the fence about buying the course then email me and we can chat about it at sophie@feltandbeautiful.co.uk

What currency do I pay in?

You can choose to pay the pre-order in USD or GBP. When the course launches in January it is charged in US dollars [USD]

I’m not sure if it’s for me. Can I contact you?

Sure thing. If you’re on the fence about whether you think this is the right thing for you then drop me an email at sophie@feltandbeautiful.co.uk or use the form on my contact page.


Available until the end of November or until VIP spaces are filled

Pay 97 USD now

Rather pay in UK sterling?

Pay 75 GBP now

This course will launch on 21st January 2020.
Please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions that apply before you purchase.
See link at the bottom of the page.

Terms & COnditions for pre-order

By purchasing a pre-order course you are agreeing to the full terms and conditions that apply to purchasing this online course.

So grab a cuppa and read these now. They’re important and still apply even if you haven’t read them.


Here’s a mini summary of your cancellation & refund rights

  • Cancellation of your pre-order: You have a 14 day cancellation period from your date of purchase to change your mind and have a full refund. No questions asked.

  • Cancellation once the course is open: Once the course starts you won’t be able to cancel on a whim for immediate refund. This is because the full course will be available to you immediately making all transactions final.

  • Refunds of Online Courses. Of course I don’t want you to be unhappy - so if you’re not happy once with the course has launched and you feel it doesn’t deliver what you expected, get in touch. All requests to apply for a refund will be looked at on an individual basis. You have 7 days from date of your purchase to prove you’ve actually had a go and to raise your concerns. Refund requests beyond 7 days once the course has launched won’t be considered.

    To avoid unnecessary heartache and refunds please contact me before you buy if you’re on the fence about whether this course is a good fit for you or not so that I can help you can make an informed decision. You can get hold of me at sophie@feltandbeautiful.co.uk

Updated November 2019