Create the perfect memory of a special friendship and commission a needle felt model of your dog to treasure forever...


Your dog deserves the very best tribute to their legacy and when you commission a needle felt dog from me - felt artist Sophie Wheatley, you are doing just that.  Every little marking and nuance is perfectly captured, from the way they hold their head to how they look at you with those adoring eyes.

Each model is made to be a lasting memory of your friendship, to display pride of place somewhere special in your home so that every time you see it, it melts your heart for years to come.

I can’t tell you how happy my felt dogs make me! You’ve done an amazing job of capturing not only they’re likeness but they’re personalities. Can’t believe this is all done by photos - Vivienne, London

A special gift 

Whatever your reason for buying for the dog lover in your life - now's your chance to give them something really special. Commission a model as a gift for yourself or as a surprise and you are guaranteed the perfect birthday present, anniversary gift or to gesture commemorate such a special friend.

Order today 

The process is simple. You order the size you would like from the commissions page and Sophie will contact you to guide you through the process of selecting some photos and choosing a pose.  It's that easy.  


Make your own needle felt Dog

Join me at my all purpose garden studio in Hatton Warwickshire and make your very own needle felt dog or pet  under my specialist guidance.  These are relaxing and enjoyable days spent in good company with like minded friendly people in a beautiful setting.

Have a look at the workshops I am currently running available on my workshop page

Simply put, book this workshop! Sophie has done an absolutely amazing job at creating the perfect experience - Stephanie, Leicester