Sophie Wheatley
Creator "My Best Ever Dog Portrait!"


"My BEST EVER Dog Portrait!"

"I'll help you make a needle felt portrait of your dog that you will LOVE -without it taking years of practice!"

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"My BEST EVER Dog Portrait!" is for you if you're a dog lover who wants to make a realistic, lasting memory of your dog that you're proud to hang on the wall WITHOUT needing professional art skills or it taking years of practice before you're any good.

But right now you might be feeling frustrated trying to figure it out on your own.

And you find yourself thinking ...

"How does everyone make it look SO SIMPLE?"

"Why can't I figure this out?"

"Maybe I'm not cut out for this"

You might be worried that you've not got the skills to make this work for you.


But here's the thing.

Needle felting is a process that takes a little bit of know-how to get right.

And trying to figure it all out by yourself can leave you feeling

There's an EASIER way to make a portrait you're proud of, that is relaxing, enjoyable and doesn't leave you feeling frustrated.

I've created a unique step by step process that takes all the mystery and anxiety out of making dog portraits.

So that you're NEVER stuck wondering what to do first when faced with making your dog's darling little face - even if it's a unique, never seen before mix breed like my beautiful Willow.

"My BEST EVER Dog Portrait!" is more than just an online course.
It’s a supported learning experience and with my help you’ll be seeing
"I can't believe I did this" type results. FAST.

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I know how easy it is to compare yourself to EVERYONE else and feel like you're not getting anywhere.

And if you're told one more time to just keep PRACTICING and you'll get there eventually.

You. Are going. To scream.

But, Guess What?

You need to know HOW to do it right before you can even START practicing.

You'll never create the masterpiece you dream of without first knowing the basics.

The good news is you don't have to learn how to make EVERY DOG BREED or have an art degree to do so.

All you need to focus on is a few key needle felting techniques that will mean you can tackle ANY portrait you put your mind to.

"My BEST EVER Dog Portrait!" is a course that teaches you *EXACT* techniques so you can make incredible dog portraits from the off.
No matter what sort of dog you have.




transfer a photo of your dog onto fabric – even if you can’t draw freehand (I don't, so you don’t have to either).



the RIGHT photo every time so that you're not making mistakes that will de-rail your portrait later on in the process.



all the detail in your dog’s photo so that your portrait has all the charming features that make him so special – like his wet shiny nose and those sparkly eyes.


Match perfectly...

your wool colours to your dogs natural fur so that it not only looks just like them but is the right colour - even if it's a mix of so many different colours, you'll learn how to do this with ease.


Master the detail...

with simple needle felting techniques so that you can make any fur type look natural in your portrait. You'll learn which techniques are best for each fur type and how to best master them - so you can make any dog you put your mind to.

** You get lifetime access to this course and so can keep referring to the tutorials when you need.



your portrait so you can fix any problems that might arise.  This is SUCH a valuable part of learning portraits and I have a way of doing this that makes it easy to see and correct your mistakes.


Finish and frame ...

your masterpiece so it's ready to hang on the wall or give to a loved one.


(no art skills required)

"My BEST EVER Dog Portrait!" is a lifetime access online course - made up of recorded video tutorials, plus live support workshops and individual feedback on your portrait. It teaches you the exact needle felting techniques to make a portrait of your dog/s that you LOVE.

Even if you can't draw.
Even if you've never needle felted before.
Even if you've struggled to figure it out on your own

Incredible Needle Felt Dog Portraits with Ease

... and a LOT of encouragement from me.

Let me ask you a question ...

When was the last time you felt CONFIDENT that you're using exactly the right needle felting techniques?

The steps and techniques I teach in "My BEST EVER Dog Portrait!" will help you make with ANY dog breed WITHOUT sacrificing your sanity.

If you are ...

Frustrated trying to figure it all out on your own and getting nowhere fast

Disheartened that everyone else makes it look easy when you're struggling to even get started.

Fed Up with never seeing the results you want even though you're doing your best

Then "My BEST EVER Dog Portrait!" is perfect for you.


Here's a few examples of what my students have achieved
(all novices needle felters)

"So glad to have found this course. The tutorials are amazing. I could have never done a portrait like this without guidance from an amazing teacher like Sophie."

 - Elena Sanders

"I tried and tried, but could not figure out  how people did these beautiful dog portraits, and then when I signed up with Sophie’s dog portraits course, I found out that I could do them too."

- Lisa Winslow

"I am so very proud of my portrait of Maddox. This was a birthday gift for my nephew Alex, and only my third dog portrait!"

- Pattie Boy

Here's what joining "My Best Ever Dog Portrait!" feels like ...

+ Making with CONFIDENCE because you know exactly which techniques to use for which fur types and you're no longer wondering if you're doing it right

+ Feeling
INSPIRED to explore your creativity and try whichever dog portrait you like

+ A deep sense of
CALM knowing that you're on the right track

+ LOVING what you're making because it looks just like your beautiful dog - you're SO PROUD!

"The improvement in my portraits since starting this course has been amazing. The techniques covered in such fabulous detail coupled with the support of Sophie and the other course members is nothing short of inspirational.

The course is without doubt the best investment I have made for myself in a very long time!"

- Claire Clack

"Gnasher was my first attempt. To say I was amazed is a complete understatement! It was only possible by following your fantastic course, Sophie.

I am now on my third portrait which involves two dogs. Thank you so much for all your wonderful instruction."

- Linda King

"I started with two of my own dogs, Bob and Holly, before moving on to a suprise memorial portrait. Barney was my friends soulmate so the pressure was on to get a
good likeness!

My friend sobbed as soon as she set eyes on Barney's face, said the portrait is like looking at him for real and that I'd captured his soul."

- Jo Cracknell

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Is the course for beginners?

I’ll teach you as if this is your first portrait. You most likely can already needle felt, but this is probably the first dog portrait you might have tried.

HOWEVER many people in the course have never picked up a felting needle and have made INCREDIBLE art! It's possible to be a complete beginner and excel. We all had to start somewhere and I have a great free bonus class for all new needle felters called "Needle Felting 101"

Is the course taught live?
No. It is a huge resource of over 70+ recorded - step by step video tutorials that will be available for you to watch whenever you like. You get a live Q&A support workshop each month in our Facebook group. And lots of additional help in the community - you'll always have someone to ask.

What if I can't make the live workshops?

If you can't attend the Q&A workshops live you can still ask questions and you'll get the replay. When you enrol you also have access to our existing library of previous workshops. All workshops are recorded so you can watch them at your convenience.

What if I can’t draw?

I’ve got you covered. You don’t need to be able to draw freehand. I’ll show you how to transfer your image to felt by tracing. It’s makes the hard bit actually really simple. Don’t forget I’m here to show you how to needle felt - not to teach you how to draw freehand.

I don’t have a dog - is it still for me?

The course is designed with all the instruction to follow a photo of a dog and make a portrait from that - which means that you don’t actually need to have a dog to benefit from the course - you can make other peoples!

Will I have access to the course whenever I want?

Yes you’ll have access to the course 24/7, lifetime access. The course is a mix of recorded video tutorials which you can watch over and over.

Where will I watch it?

You’ll get a member password to log in and access the course on a dedicated website where the video tutorials are waiting for you. There will also be a Facebook group that you can join where you’ll have access to a live support workshop each month.

Can I download the lessons?

No. The video files are big and it’s much easier for you to watch them online.

Will I have access to the whole course straight away?

Yes. Once you've paid you'll get immediate access and also receive your login details by email. Please make sure you check your emails spam folder and add my email address to your contacts to make sure that my emails reach you safely.

Is there a time limit to complete the course?

No. The course is open ended and there is no time limit to complete the course. You can progress at your own speed and get feedback as and when you need it in the Facebook group.

What currency do I pay in?

The course is charged in Pounds Sterling GBP but when paying with PayPal you can pay in any currency and PayPal will convert the value of the course into YOUR currency for you. It's super simple.

What is lifetime access?

You pay once for lifetime access which includes all future material that is added.

I don't have a laptop or computer can I still do the course?
Yes, but you'll get the best experience being able to watch the tutorials on a large screen like a tablet or computer screen.

I don't have an internet connection can I watch the course?
You need a reliable internet connection to successfully watch the videos in the course.

I'm not very technical and computer savvy, can I still do the course?
While the course is simple to navigate you need to be able to use the internet and have some basic computer skills. For example it will help if you can use login forms, be able to answer your email, and be able to use Facebook (if you want to join our Facebook group).

Can I get a refund?

Yes. You have 7 days from payment to ask for a refund. Please read the terms and conditions so that you're clear.

I’m not sure if it’s for me. Can I contact you?

Sure thing. If you’re on the fence about whether you think this is the right thing for you then drop me an email at or use the form on my contact page.

I’m not sure if it’s for me. Can I contact you?

Sure thing. If you’re on the fence about whether you think this is the right thing for you then drop me an email at or use the form on my contact page.