FREE Online Needle Felt Workshop

Practice the THREE needle felting techniques that are a MUST to learn BEFORE you attempt your first dog portrait.


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Have you seen the amazing needle felted dog portraits people are making and thought that you'd love to give it a go with your own gorgeous dog - but maybe you're worried you don't have the skills to pull it off?

Join me for 'Needle Felted Dog Portraits 101'.
A series of mini online workshops recorded over three days, to help you master the TOP three fundamental skills you need to create a dog portrait that actually looks like your beautiful dog.

In these workshops you'll learn

  • The TOP THREE needle felting techniques used in every portrait, so you can easily get started on your dog even if you're a complete beginner.

  • The secret to achieving a smooth neat finish, so you're not throwing your LUMPY portrait in the bin with frustration, before you even get to add the character you know and love.

  • How to identify the unique characteristics in photos of your dog, so your portrait doesn't end up looking like just any dog - but your dog.

Come along to learn the skills you need to feel confident to tackle your dog's BEAUTIFUL portrait in 2022



I help people who would love to make a beautiful needle felted portrait of their dog, but who worry that they aren't artistic enough or that it will take years of practice to create the kind of beautiful creations that they would feel happy sharing with the world.

Sophie Wheatley