Something a little different from my usual work. Buy original and one of a kind art for your home direct from me, Sophie Wheatley.

Trio of Blue Mussels

Box frame 30x30cm, 5cm deep
Mussel height 9-10cm

Hang this anywhere in your home to be transported to the seaside and memories of beach combing every time you look at it.

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Large White Shell with Gold Inlay

Length 30cm long, 16cm across
Height including stand 22cm

This is a striking statement piece that can take centre stage in any room of your home. It comes with a stand to rest on so it’s possible to reposition the shell allowing it to be admired from wherever you sit.

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Snails Climbing On Tree Bark

Length 47cm
Width varies up to 7cm

For you the wildlife lover who wants to bring a bit of nature into your home. This is a smile raising piece of art that can be admired from every angle.

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Snoozing Ginger Tabby

Can you find the perfect spot in your home for this snoozing ginger cat?

Soft to the touch this needle felted model looks so real you’ll feel like you have a new pet at the home.

25cm tall

95.00 175.00
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