Hello! I'm Sophie,

I built a business and love affair on making models of peoples dogs in needle felt.

And while I no longer make dogs to order, I’ve packaged up my skills and knowledge into workshops so that you can learn everything I know and make your own dog!

[or whatever fires up your imagination to want to create.]

They’ve arrived and I can’t tell you how happy they make me! You’ve done an amazing job of capturing not only their likeness but their personalities. I can’t believe this is all done by photos!
— Vivienne, London

MAke your own dog

If you're the independent crafty type and want to make your own adorable dog yourself then you're going to want to join me at a workshop.

Even if you’ve never picked up a felting needle in your life, I promise you'll be going home with a model that you're actually proud to display in your home and not yet another workshop creation that gets thrown in the bin as soon as you're through the door!

You'll be amazed at what you can make - EVERYONE leaves smiling!

Simply put, book this workshop! Sophie has done an absolutely amazing job at creating the perfect experience.
— Stephanie, Leicester


WHAT’s NEW around HERE?




Do you love needle felting, but never get around to it after you’ve given ALL YOUR TIME to everything else that needed doing in the day?

Is the only time you actually get to finish a model is when you’re at a workshop?

You’re not alone.

I hear this countless times from women at my workshops. Women who just can’t seem to make any time for the things they enjoy doing, and needle felting is up there on the list of things you’ll get around to again one day.

But here’s what I’ve been thinking.

What if I can provide a space for you to come and needle felt. To just take time out and spend the day with likeminded women, getting on and enjoying a craft you enjoy. A place to make time for yourself.

Not yet another beginners workshop - but one where I’ll be on hand to advise you if you need, and which is more of a social event.

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Sometimes it’s nice to JUST say hello.

From time to time I’ll write to tell you about what I’m up to and of any new workshop dates or ideas in the planning. If you’d like to stay in touch then sign up below.



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