Hello I’m Sophie!

At home with Willow

At home with Willow

I’m a self-taught 3D needle felt artist and founder of All Things Felt & Beautiful.

Inspiration to create comes from a life long love of dogs, nature and science, which has an enormous influence on my work.  My enthusiasm for animals from an early age took me on a university and career path based in marine biology, after which I worked in marine conservation and education in various island locations around the world.

I’ve always been artistic and sought out hobbies that fulfil my need for artistic expression. But it wasn’t until later in life - around five years ago that I was introduced to needle felting.


I mostly make 3D needle felted wool models. I use wool fibres, a wire frame and a felting needle to create the firm structure I need. Using the effects of layering coloured wool to create texture and depth. It’s surprisingly workable as a medium and you can make small delicate work as well as large and strikingly sculptured pieces with the finest detail.

It acts like no other medium I’ve used - being virtually indestructible - I often joke that if I was a ceramicist I would be broke because I’m so clumsy.


My pet portraits and wildlife art works are packed with detail and realism that you want to touch. I like my work to be just as much about being able to hold as well as admire - bridging the distance between art and people. I know I’ve done a good job when my work feels right in my hand - there’s just something about felt that makes you want to pick it up.

As well as making for my own enjoyment and by commission I’ve taught hundreds of students in workshops at my studio in Hatton in Warwickshire and online. I really enjoy teaching others and help them to discover their own love of needle felt. And when students return again and again I’m proud to see them develop their own style. Some have even gone on to teach and build their own businesses with my help.


I currently live in the UK on the edge of Bristol, with the city in one direction and the expanse of the Cotswold countryside to the other. It’s out in the countryside where you’ll find me at my happiest, surrounded by nature, walking in ancient woodlands, or further afield at the windswept coast - but always with my favourite walking companions, my dog Willow and partner Ben.

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