Sophie Wheatley - felt dog artist.

Sophie Wheatley - felt dog artist.

There's not too much say here other than when the opportunity came up in 2012 to be able to turn my love of dogs into a full time job - I jumped at it!

I have a dog and know how much I love her. I really really love her - my lovely, soppy sometimes grumpy Willow.

And I can guess you feel the same way about your dog too.

To me it's completely understandable that you want a fitting tribute to their beautiful face for you to remember them by. Both for now and also for the times when they're no longer with us. 

I think one of the greatest unfairnesses of life is that dogs don't live longer.  But if somehow I can make a model of your dog that brings you joy and smiles and comfort - at whatever stage of life - then that's just lovely. 

I'd love to do that for you. Be it as a commission I make for you - or a dog you make yourself at a workshop.

Sophie x